Artist with vision … seeing beyond the obvious ... elements of visual design influence every image Melanie takes.

Melanie is a Perth based photographer who has developed her design and photography skills over 30 years. Melanie began her professional career as an Interior Designer, in this field she developed a strong sense and understanding of design principals that influence her photographic work today. In all aspects of Melanie's photography she sees beauty and design together with light and composition.

Portraits by Melanie ... natural and emotive ... a love of natural light.

Developing rapport with people comes naturally to Melanie as she is warm, friendly and engaging which instantly puts people at ease. "I love people and I enjoy the interaction with them. In my portraiture work I love connecting with a subject in a meaningful way with the end result illustrating that connection".

Melanie's travel portraiture ... a sensitive and personal connection.

With portraiture work she is sensitive and intuitively aware of capturing a facet of her subjects’ personality visually. Melanie’s natural ease and approach with people is evident in all her travel portraiture photography work. There is always an awareness of light, composition and a 'sense of connection' with her subject.

Landscapes: Combining the elements. Composition is about visual organisation

Each image defines a personal expression and gives a sense of place to where Melanie has been. With a strong connection to the elements ... colours and texture in nature inspire Melanie ... she creatively combines the relationship between natural and man-made elements.

Architecture and design ... creative and artistic art, design and beauty.

Melanie has an intuitive eye to see 'art, design and beauty' in everyday objects. The relationship and interplay of strong lines, shapes, pattern, repetition, light and proportion are elements Melanie seeks to find and translate through her architectural and design photography.

Urban and street photography ... attention to detail.

A visual combination of texture, people, colour, shape and form inspire Melanie's urban and street photography. Every image is personal and relates to life in different worlds. Grafitti, grunge and weathered components are elements of appeal for Melanie.

Fashion composition and rhythm.

Melanie’s intrinsic knowledge of design, her awareness of light and her natural flair for creativity and composition enables her to produce impressive fashion imagery. Professional in her approach she combines interesting angles with shapes to give balance and variety to the overall composition.

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Love and connection ... Melanie's favourite symbol is the heart.

In all Melanie's photography there is a 'visual connection' expressed and illustrated between herself and her subject. Her goal is to be as creative as possible in every genre of her photography. Her interests are diverse and she is keen to explore other areas such as marketing, commercial, industrial and editorial commissions. “Being creative is very much about who I am, in all genres of photography I see ‘beauty and design’ together with ‘light and composition’”.



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Best Photographer, Melanie Adams, portraits, landscape, photography, experienced, sensitive, architecture, fashion, marketing, commercial, photographer, creative, diverse, visual
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